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Feature Films

The Incursion
Rings of Smoke

Directors:  Gary O'Toole

Screenwriter:  Gary O'Toole

Genre:  Thriller​


To hunt for a ghost, you have to step into the shadows. A deadly game of cat and mouse goes global, as a revenge riddled cop pursues a killer, everyone assumed was already dead. Set for Production  2019








Directors:  Simon Christidis

Screenwriter:  Gary O'Toole

Genre:  Metaphysical Drama


NULLA is proud to announce that director SIMON CHRISTIDIS is now aboard to helm his first feature.  The James Cameron "go to guy" will take us out to the desert late this year or early 2018 for what will be an amazing shoot in this modern psychological drama, that currently has Rupert Penry-Jones and Anthony Sharp from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries attached to the project. 

Director:  TBC

Screenwriter:  Gary O'Toole based on the Novel by Diane O'Toole

Producer: Gary O'Toole

Genre:  Suspensful Thriller


A gripping crime thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat, reaching for a cushion to hide behind, or the hand of a loved one to hold, just to offer you some support. A richly dark and twisted tale set in North England.

Directors:  Gary O'Toole

Producer: Gary O'Toole 

Writer:       Gary O'Toole

Genre:       Thriller/Horror

Itʼs a race against time, a deadly game of cat and mouse and a brutal reminder of just how twisted the world has become. Mixing psychological horror, black humor and a roller coaster ride of heart stopping thrills THE LUCIFER KILLINGS is a modern day Silence of the Lambs with a pitch of The Usual Suspects and a healthy dollop of Henry: Portrait of a serial killer.

The Lucifer Killings