Red Rock Publishing

Red Rock Pictures are thrilled and a little bit proud to introduce you to the latest arm of our company; RED ROCK PUBLISHING. The launch of Red Rock Publishings grew out of frustration with traditional publishing houses. Taking too long, not reaching the audience we wanted, being creatively restrictive. 

The first series of books to be published through Red Rock Publishing will be the Colourdore Collection of children's books and they are coming VERY soon. A link and more information will be available before the end of August 2020. Thanks for being patient.

26 books, one for each letter of the alphabet. For ages is 4-10. The themes, universal. Some are funny, some are sad. Some deal with friendship, being bullied, following your dreams. Some deal with being different, fitting in. Bright, colourful and fun, whilst being modern and relevant. These books will be a brilliant addition to any child's book collection. The books are all set on a small magical island called Colourdore and we'd love it if you came to visit.

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Sales Link coming soon